My name is Liliya and my PokerSource username is muton6.  My first poker experience was at an offline poker club in 2012 and I fell in love with this great game.

I played there for a few years but the games were not very frequent but it was better that not playing at all. Then the poker clubs became illegal in my country. This led me to discover online poker. There I found an incredible choice of games but the player's level was radically different from the offline player’s that I was used to playing before.

In autumn my friend told me about Free Poker Gifts offers plus sometime they offered promotions of additional 3000 PokerSource Points for any room that you register for on a certain day.  This looked insanely tempting so I registered immediately. I tripled my bankroll of $200 and it took only 7 days of play.

The room I decided to start with was TigerGaming. I played in NL25 won $140 and complied the play though requirements for the Free poker Gift from of 15000 VIP Points. Pleasantly surprised what I found in the “promotions" tab of cashier was $50 1st deposit bonus and $120 from PokerSource, wow.

For my taste, TigerGaming is 4 of 5.  They offer many ways to deposit including cryptocurrency.  The games are very soft with a pretty good number of players online during peak hours.  The bonuses are not bad (100% up to $2,500 for first time) and the payouts are fast.

So to sum it all up, if you have any doubts whatsoever about signing up for a deal at PokerSource, let me tell you, there’s just no need. There’s nothing to lose really, but everything to gain.


PokerSource Username: muton6


Country: Russia