Hello Players! My PokerSource username is HoneyBets.  I dabble in mostly micro stakes and low fee tournaments for about 2 years now.   I began playing with play money online at PokerStars, but realized quickly that it's not poker at all. In play money poker, people playing like they play the lottery))!  I knew that if I want real practice, I would have to play real money games. I wanted to practice my poker in real cash games, but didn't want to risk my own money that much! I knew that some rooms gives "free" money, like 5-10 dollars. I started to look for them, and that is when I found PokerSource.  

At first, I was a bit suspicious of such a site that said they would give me free money just for signing up through their site. However, since they were not requesting money up front , I decided that there was no risk attached to giving it a try. I chose one of their Free Poker Gift Points promotions, because I had some money on my Skrill account. I could sign up for that promotion with as little as a $50 initial deposit, plus a minimum play requirements and get more money when I fulfill all the requirements.

I chose TigerGaming, registered with PokerSource and downloaded the TigerGaming poker software. It took about 2 weeks to earn the required 20000 VIP points to receive the PokerSource Points, but I made it. I logged onto PokerSource and submitted that I had completed the requirements, and waited patiently for a week. I logged into my PokerSource account and find not only the original 8,000 PokerSource Points but an additional 2500 Points for a total of 10,500 PokerSource Points ( about a $100 value in their Points Store) !!! TigerGaming was their Room of the Month!  And now I am going to play in GGpoker. I usually plays 6 max cash. Because of PokerSource my bankroll has increased significantly. So don’t be afraid to try online poker. The risk is not too high when you use PokerSource promotions:)

PokerSource Username: HoneyBets

Country: Russia