Hello everyone, my account in PokerSource is churkiv. I was 18 years old when I started playing poker. Friends at the university regularly gathered together to play a few small tournaments amoungst themselves. I had absolutely no idea how to play the game. I became very interested in poker from the first day.

Then I discovered online poker. The first site I played was PokerStars. I made a deposit which I lost almost immediately, but this didn't stop me.

Surfing in the internet, trying to find some poker books, or good forums I saw the advertising that was offering bonuses. I was of course very interested in this. So I started to look for the best deals and almost immediately found

I joined this great site, that offers so many deals including: free poker gifts from them. If you sign up with a poker room and reach a certain play requirements, which is not particularly difficult to reach, they offer free poker money (deposit or no deposit offer). Also there are many other services that I appreciated very much, such as the forum where you can discuss various issues, rate your experience or resolve any problems by the support forum. Also, there are often freeroll tournaments with great prizes.

I personally started with signing up for their TigerGaming promotion. I completed all requirements in just a few weeks, and I received PokerSource Points and turned them into an Amazon gift card in their Points Store. So, my experience with PokerSource was great, also they always have new offers


PokerSource Username: churkiv

Country: Germany