Hello, I began playing ‘play money’ online poker sites, but realized quickly that its not poker at all. In play money people play like in roulette I knew that if I wanted real practice, I would have to play real-money games. I wanted to practice my poker in real cash games, but didn't want to risk my own money a lot!


I knew that some rooms gives "free" test drive amounts, like 5-10 dollars. I started to find them, and fimd the PokerSource, which propose Free Poker Money or Free Gift promotion. Comparing this two proposals I chose Free Gift, because I had some money on my neteller account and decided that promotion with a little as a $50 initial deposit, plus minimum play requirements, we will give me more good when I fulfill all the requirements.


I registred in PokerSource, download Pokersoftware, have completed all the requiremets in poker rooms as Tigergaming poker and Partypoker. And now I am going to play in BlackChip Poker. I usually play 6 max cash. Due to Pokersource.com my bankroll increased in several times. So don't be afraid to try online poker, (mostly) risk free!


Pokersource username: Quafffe