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  • cqarimver

    Hey. My name is Yauheni. I am from Belarus, Minsk. I work in a bank specialist to work with clients. I am fond of rock music. My life was fairly routine. In my spare time, I mainly went to rock concerts and vacationing with my colleagues. One day my colleague Denis offered me to play poker with his friends. Until that moment I had never played and I was curious. I do not even know the combinations. So I always had to watch the table with them.

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  • GreekBucks

    Hello, My name is Galina, I'm 24 and live in Moscow. Now I want to talk about my PokerSource experience.  My first experience with poker was in early June 2014. Before this, I did not even know any of the rules of the game ...

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  • jdihhers

    Hi!!! My name is Vadzim, I'm 28. Now I want to talk about my Pokersource experience. My username is " jdihhers " About year ago I didn't hear about poker at all.... Read more

  • p4ntosw

    Good day to all! My name is Andrei, I live in Grodno, Belarus. I have a little tire service. But my income depends of season. I playing poker for a 5 years, but its offline poker, cheap poker tournaments, and in the main I played not for money, just for fun. Some times I played online poker, but it was for fun too.... Read more

  • belikins

    Hi! My name is Andrei. I'm 40 years old and I'm from Belarus, Minsk. I want tell about my experience with Firstly I want to say thanks to PokerSource at all. It was the great free poker gift promotions!... Read more

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